Vietnam War Hero, David Christian, founds company. Aims to help Vets, One Day At A Time

One Day at a Time | David Christian

“In my childhood the only exotic, exciting, beautiful things that my mother shared with me were her military times. She was a WAC, and she met my father in the Philippines. She told me about the South Pacific, about serving with MacArthur, about New Guinea and Australia.” So begins a short article Army Captain David […]

Pat Summerall’s Story By David Palmer

One Day at a Time - David Palmer; Pat Summerall

Sports Icon and famed broadcaster of the Masters Began to find his faith at the 1992 tournament By David Palmer   Pat Summerall died today. He was 82, and it was two days after the end of the 2013 annual Masters golf tournament. The Masters had a special meaning for Summerall. He had been the […]

Columbus Calling

At about 8 o’clock on the morning of April 9, Columbus Abrams called me. If you have been recovering from an addiction and have been going to 12-Step meetings for a couple of years or more, you may know what’s coming next. “Happy birthday!” Columbus said, with his usual infectious good cheer, as he has […]

Max the magician wows audiences with his strong message of recovery

For over a decade, illusionist Maxwell Blade has delighted visitors at Hot Springs’ Historic District with his long-running magic show at the Historic Malco Theatre. His new location next door to the Gangster Museum of America showcases up-close “parlor magic” and classic sleight–of-hand. Although blessed with talent, Maxwell has for many years struggled with addictions. […]

Feeding the Fame

  Celebrities Tell Their Real-life Stories of Eating Disorders and Recovery By Gary Stromberg and Jane Merrill (Hazelden publishing) Supermarket tabloids regularly cover the addiction beat with heightened attention lately on eating disorders. “Wasting Away. Stars Risking their Lives to be Thin” trumpets the front page of the National Enquirer supported by five pages of […]

Second Chances

Top executives share their stories of addiction and recovery By Gary Stromberg and Jane Merrill McGraw Hill, $15.95 During the sixties and seventies Gary Stromberg, a brash Los Angeles press agent and movie producer, toured the world with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, the Doors, Three Dog Night and others and shared […]

How Starbucks Saved My Life

By Michael Gates Gill (Gotham Books, 265 pages $23)   It could be the plot off an uplifting movie starring say, Tom Hanks. The fortunes of a man from a privileged background take a sharp downward turn when he loses a high-powered corporate position and destroys his marriage in middle age. Unemployed and unhappy he […]

Vet Overcomes Addictions, Rides with “Stroker” Wiggs

When “Stroker” Wiggs, the “Bandido” bike rider who became a Christian minister, died in January in Little Rock, Neal Benschoff lost a dear friend and role model. Benschoff, also a former member of an outlaw biker group that terrorized the countryside was, like “Stroker,” a Vietnam War veteran. Thanks to inpatient care at Fort Roots, […]