Faced with five life sentences, inmate finds redemption

I used to be an over-the-road truck driver. Have you ever found yourself driving at night on a long unfamiliar stretch of highway in a place you’ve never been? After miles and miles, the reality that you’re lost sets in; by then, you’ve been lost for so long you can’t recall how many miles and […]

Memoirs of a Runaway

CEO looks back on his life as a troubled teen By Michael Kennon Outskirts Press $10. 95 Remembering vividly his own pain, shame and isolation as a runaway from age twelve to early adulthood, CEO Michael Kennon hopes his story will let the untold thousands of runaway children in the U.S. know that if he […]

X-Rated to G-Rated Lifestyle

An autobiography by Kandi Rose Shepherds Rose Publishing The message on my e-mail on a late August morning read in part, “I’m a former stripper and prostitute who had multiple addictions and once owned my own Strip-O-Gram business in the Chicago area.” It sought my public support for her autobiography, “X-Rated to G-Rated Life Style” […]

Missing That Good Boy

It happened again.  Devastatingly again.  One of us lost his son.  And not just lost him but lost him in a way that didn’t have to happen.  We’re still grieving the loss.  We’re still wringing our hands and looking to our own kids hoping, wishing, praying that we don’t lose them.  It didn’t have to […]

“Teen ‘Zine” — A New Approach to Teen Drug Problems

The silence was deafening … 15 pairs of eyes staring, arms crossed. I smile, no one smiles back. “Can anyone tell me, what makes a good news story?”  Nada.   My 10 minute PowerPoint seemed to last an eternity.  “We are going to divide into two groups and do an exercise. Let’s count off and move […]

A Piece of Cake

Cupcake Brown (that’s her real name) was 11 in 1976 when her mother died. Custody of Brown and her brother was given to a stranger — their birth father — who only wanted their social security checks. He then left them with an abusive foster mother who encouraged her nephew to rape Brown repeatedly. Brown […]

Our creative writing class on recovery for teenagers

  We, at One Day at a Time, a Little Rock based non-profit company, have a special interest in addressing the problem of teen substance abuse. This is partly owing to the fact that, the U.S. Department of Health and Human has identified Arkansas as among states with the highest rates of non-medical use of pain relievers […]