Overcoming Addictions – The Power of our Hometowns and Local Neighborhoods

by David Palmer When World War II began in 1941, my father gave up his high paying public relations job on New York’s Madison Avenue, bought the local newspaper, the Summit Herald, in our home town of Summit, N.J. and went to work. He was forty, had a wife and kids, and was therefore exempt from […]

The State Of Substance Abuse And What It Is Doing To Our Nation

On New Years day, one of my grandchildren, in the company of a “guardian,” flew from Little Rock to Nashville and entered a treatment facility to deal with his addiction to Oxycontin and possibly alcohol. Prior to the trip, there had been a brief intervention with close family members, and then my nineteen-year-old grandson was […]

A salute to Marine Bob G. on Memorial Day

Bob G. served with the U.S. Marines in Vietnam for sixteen months and for many years has been treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) stemming from his combat service during the late sixties. During the thirty-two years after his service, overcome by his fears, anger, and addictions, he lost his family and went to prison […]

Why the Biblically Based 12 Step Programs Work

Conversations about the “war on drugs,” a misguided and costly effort to shut down the supply of drugs have resurfaced. My position remains that if addicted people want something badly enough, they will find a way to get it whether it be Martinis, 16 ounce soft drinks or Hostess Twinkies. Drying up demand is the […]

Time is Not Recyclable – Living One Day at a Time

Pathways to Serenity We’ve all got addictions.  Let’s deal with them. Now When you think about it, we really don’t have much choice in life than to deal with things. There is no time out in life. Everything counts. Every day. Every minute. We cannot afford to waste time. I myself spent precious years during […]

Half-Way houses: A neglected piece in the recovery process

In the 1990s, transitional housing began, well, transitioning out of fashion. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, transitional housing is defined as a project that has as its purpose facilitating the movement of homeless individuals and families to permanent housing within a reasonable amount of time — usually 24 months. Such […]

Columbus Calling

At about 8 o’clock on the morning of April 9, Columbus Abrams called me. If you have been recovering from an addiction and have been going to 12-Step meetings for a couple of years or more, you may know what’s coming next. “Happy birthday!” Columbus said, with his usual infectious good cheer, as he has […]

Movie to open in August ‘Step Away From The Stone’ offers hope and recovery

When actress Karen McCann put out a casting call for her new movie, Step Away From The Stone, 300 actors and would be actors, diverse in both age and race, showed up at Little Rock’s Rep theater for tryouts. McCann, who heads Rock Productions, a movie production firm, chose 150, and the shooting began three […]

Recovery Central offers 20 meetings a week

By David Palmer Shortly before noon on a sunlit day in May, men and women began gathering at the “Recovery in the Daylight” Narcotics Anonymous (NA) 12-Step meeting at Recovery Central, a new Little Rock facility mainly for NA meetings. More about the “Recovery in the Daylight” meeting in a minute. First, some background on […]

Vietnam war vet overcomes opiate addiction, Pioneers local Cocaine Anonymous meetings

By David Palmer Cocaine addicts are a special breed. That’s what Norith Ellison says. And he should know. Ellison, 60, is a recovering cocaine addict who has been clean and sober for 21 years and started the state’s first Cocaine Anonymous (CA) meeting in Little Rock in 1989. Widely known and respected in the community […]