Treatment Centers

*Note that One Day at a Time is not promoting these centers and, therefore, is not liable for any personal experience you may have.  We are simply providing an easy place for you to do your research.  Please investigate the centers that best fit your family’s needs.

Recovery Treatment Centers

If someone you know needs help for alcohol, other drug abuse problems or addictions, a good place to begin a search for treatment is on the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) website.  CLICK HERE to find a treatment center.

The site’s directory provides the location and services of more than 11,000 alcohol and drug abuse treatment facilities and programs in the United States and also includes facilities in Puerto Rico, Guam, the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau and the Virgin Islands.

You can find a facility within a few miles of your home, you can find one in your state and you can find one that may have been recommended to you, like Betty Ford in California, all presented by an unbiased source.

There are many other sites you can reach on your browser (Safari or Firefox, for example) which can help you evaluate promising options and sites in foreign countries not in SAMHSA’s orbit.


12 Step Meetings

Twelve step meetings are a vital resource that must be considered by everyone struggling with addictions.

Here is what Dr. John F. Kelly, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard, said about them in the ebook, “Pathways to Serenity. Overcome your addictions One day at a time, (which is available for your Kindle at Amazon).

“Twelve step programs,” Dr Kelly said, “work as well as professional interventions and have the advantage of being plentiful in most communities and available at various times, often when addicts need them the most. They are free, there’s no paperwork, and patients can attend as intensively and as long as they desire.

Also, meetings are available at high-risk times.” (At the cocktail hour, for example, or at daybreak when hangovers raise the ante.)

AA is the single most popular recovery program of all, Dr. Kelly has noted. It attracts about 2.4 million a year. Outpatient rehab draws 2 million, inpatient rehab attracts 1.2 million, and outpatient mental health draws in 1 million. The rest get treatment.

Find AA meetings in the United States or Canada.

Find international AA meetings.

Find an Al-Anon meeting in the U.S., Canada, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

Find a Narcotics Anonymous meeting.

Find a Cocaine Anonymous meeting.

Find an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.

Find out more about Celebrate Recovery, a Christ-centered recovery program.