Memoirs of a Runaway

CEO looks back on his life as a troubled teen By Michael Kennon Outskirts Press $10. 95 Remembering vividly his own pain, shame and isolation as a runaway from age twelve to early adulthood, CEO Michael Kennon hopes his story will let the untold thousands of runaway children in the U.S. know that if he […]

Texas Tech’s Recovery Program

An escape from Animal House, Texas Tech’s innovative recovery program tackles collegiate alcohol and drug abuse. There are 50,000 college-eligible kids in America today who are too strung out on alcohol or other drugs to get in let alone make the grade. Unfortunately, the way things are now, it may be just as well. If […]

X-Rated to G-Rated Lifestyle

An autobiography by Kandi Rose Shepherds Rose Publishing The message on my e-mail on a late August morning read in part, “I’m a former stripper and prostitute who had multiple addictions and once owned my own Strip-O-Gram business in the Chicago area.” It sought my public support for her autobiography, “X-Rated to G-Rated Life Style” […]

Celebrate Recovery: A Growing Global Ministry Offers Hope

The time has come, and from all over the world the faithful arrive. They fill the cavernous worship center at California’s Saddleback Church, and, murmuring with anticipation, they wait. Then, with hands held high, the percussionist, barely visible behind his drum set, clicks his sticks, and the “World’s Most Dangerous Recovery Band,” through condo-sized speakers, […]

Oasis Offers Top Treatment in Rustic Resort Setting

The Oasis Renewal Center, an up-scale treatment facility on 48 wooded acres in west Little Rock, is now accepting applications from up to 24 guests — men and women 18 and over — for its 30 day program and follow up. With its log cabin cottages, main lodge, private dining facilities and scenic walking trails […]